12 Days of Dreaming #12DOD

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Hey everyone! The team at Education Dreamer (aka me) has launched it's first ever project. We're calling it "The 12 Days of Dreaming".  There is no greater time than now to share our dreams for education. Everything great that has ever happened, started as a dream. 

Education Dreamer will post a new post on Monday through Thursday the first three weeks of December beginning December 3rd.  

You can support this project by sharing out the post using #12DOD, adding a badge to your website, and leaving comments.   Here is the HTML code for a 12 Days of Dreaming badge. 

<a href="http://www.educationdreamer.com/p/12-days-of-dreaming-12dod.html" title="12DOD" rel="nofollow"><img src="http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8340/8235661588_a97218ff7a_m.jpg" alt="Badge" width="240" height="235" /></a>

The badge looks like the one I have on the right. You can adjust size by changing number in width “quotes” 240 is a typical sidebar size. When you click on it, it will take you to this page. Special thanks to Krissy Venosdale for designing the banner and the badge. She also made me a new twitter profile pic!

Thank you for taking the time to dream with me!

Dream on,


Dec 3: Day 1: Dreaming of a Better Education by @ktenkely
Dec 4: Day 2: Dreaming about Skills by @twilhelmus
Dec 5: Day 3: Dreaming about the Mobile School by @wmchamberlain
Dec 6: Day 4: Dreaming of Connections: Woven Into We by @okmbio
Week 1 Recap by @mr_brett_clark
Dec 10: Day 5: Dreaming about Education by @stumpteacher
Dec 11: Day 6: Dreams from the Dojang by @shiraleibowitz
Dec 12: Day 7: Dreaming of a Teacher Revival by @AllieLHolland
Dec 13: Day 8: Dreaming about Music & Media by @TeacherCast & @BassJen1
Week 2 Recap by @mr_brett_clark
Dec 17: Day 9: Dreaming of Better Space by @johntspencer
Dec 18: Day 10: Dreaming about Collaboration by @guster4lovers & @thomasson_engl
Dec 19: Day 11: Dreaming about Growing Pains by @bennettscience
Dec 20: Day 12: Dreaming about Learner-Centered Schools by @wrightsroom