If Its Not BLANK, Then They Won't Do It.

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"If it's not graded, then they (students) won't do it."

This is something that I heard somebody say the other day and it really just rubbed me the wrong way. It's this idea that we have to use grades as some sort of negotiating tool to force students to complete task in our classrooms. It's cousin to the idea that teachers won't go to PD if we don't pay them. 

I believe that when we say that we have to use things like grades, mandates, authority, or pay in order to get somebody to complete a job, assignment,  or task then we are admitting that what we are asking to be done isn't relevant, engaging, and probably not necessary. At the very least, we are saying that we don't want to take the time to explain why it needs to be done. 

Here is the reality, it's not if it's not graded then they won't do it. Its if it's not relevant, interesting, necessary, fun, their choice, for the greater good, helpful, _______, then they won't do it. Nor should they have to. Come on folks, we are better than this. We don't have to use grades as leverage to force "engagement". 

I left a blank for you. How would you fill in the blank? 

UPDATE: Bill Ferriter wrote a great post about this conversation. You can read it here.  

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Also - the conversation made me think of this gem from my friend Bill Ferriter

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Dream With Me (Keynotes, Presentations, and Workshops)

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Making the Shift

This keynote is all about embracing change. Change is an emotional event for everyone. It can bring equal levels of fear, excitement, and uncertainty. Through practical examples, research driven implementation tools, and relationships we tackle the challenges of doing what's best for our students.

3 Keys to Unlocking Potential

In this keynote I will address what I believe are the 3 keys to unlocking potential. Potential in our students, our educators, and our community. Lets unlock the untapped potential in every individual together. 

What's Next in Learning

This keynote takes a fun and exciting look at the latest in learning. Join me as we learn how to dig through onslaught of educational buzzwords and the latest technologies to find the right fit for our students and community of learners.

Be the Light in Someone Else's Tunnel 

Relationships trump everything. You can master standardized test, embed the best teaching practices, and have the most state-of-the-art facilities but if you don't have relationships, then it won't last. Lets be reminded that students aren't numbers, teachers aren't tools, and we all need a little more light in our lives. 

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It's Just Citizenship

In this keynote we tear down the notion that somehow digital citizenship is something different than just being a good person. We'll look at building empathy, compassion, and respect in the classroom, the cafeteria, the community, and yes, even on social media. I will share examples and resources for parents and educators on how to help students become good citizens. 

What Do They Want?

What are we preparing students for? What are colleges and business leaders looking for in their next student/employee? In this keynote I will share the latest research around college and career readiness. We will examine what technical and soft skills are important and how we can engage our universities and local businesses to ensure we are preparing our students for their future in our community. 

Magnify Learning

Technology is not neutral and it has had a profound effect on our schools and community. This powerful and engaging keynote looks at how technology magnifies everything, for better or for worse. We will look at how we leverage technology for learning, use it to magnify our strengths, and overcome our weaknesses.


These are available in 1 hour breakouts and up to half-day workshops

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  • Transformational Leadership
  • From Innovation to Implementation
  • Why People Should Follow You
  • Sustaining Initiatives
  • When Innovations Fail
  • Identifying Tools for My Classroom
  • Implementing Chromebooks
  • How G Suite It Is
  • What Does A Successful 1:1 Look Like...in my classroom...in my school...in my district?
  • 1:1 Classroom Management Tips & Tricks
  • Digital Citizenship and the Digital Native Myth 
  • Loud Noises, Bear Attacks, and Other Things That Distract Learners
  • Stay Fresh: How to stay in touch with the classroom once you've left it
  • Engaging Your Community
  • Creating Voice and Choice for Your Students...Your Teachers...Your Leaders
  • Building a Initiative Campaign
  • Project Based Learning is the Main Course, Not the Dessert
  • From Data Informed to Data Driven
  • Creating Meaningful Faculty Meetings
  • Team Building and Ice Breakers
  • Buzzword Balderdash: Finding the real meaning behind what your principal/superintendent is asking you to do.

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