My House by Micah Clark

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My son Micah (12) wrote this the other day. It's his vignette for a creative writing assignment. 

My House

I live in pretty large house with a basement bigger than my old house.
I remember a 2 hour drive to an unfamiliar place.
I remember a tour through big empty rooms and wanting the master bedroom
I remember putting on sunglasses and taking a picture on the back porch.
I remember helping moving the last things in the house on December 29th.
I remember waking up on December 30th and taking a picture on my DSi in my new room (not a master bedroom but still great for me).
It means a sign of a better future.
It means an improvement.
It’s not just a big place.
It's not just a place to crash.
It's my home and it has enough room for all of my memories.


  1. Great post, Micah. I am sure you and your family will make lots of memories in that house. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Micah,

    I love the last two lines of your poem. Thanks for sharing.

  3. We just pulled this up in class! Everyone asked how his piece was published. I told Micah not share his secrets, but he is too honest!

  4. Micah,
    Very well thought out. Love the shift from a house to a home.

  5. What an awesome perspective! Lots more memories to come. Thanks for sharing!