Pushing Forward #12DOD

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This past December I ran a very fun series called The 12 Days of Dreaming. It featured some great guest bloggers talking about their dreams for education. It was so much fun that I thought it'd be great to do it again but I wanted it to be more. I wanted our students to have a voice. 

So I talked to some of Zak Malamed of #StuVoice and Angela Maiers of #Choose2Matter and launched the idea of doing The 12 Days of Dreaming: Student Edition. Initially, it was a big hit and people were excited. 

The idea was the same as before but with students. Get 12 students to write post about their dreams for education. I even through out some other ideas on how we can tap into student dreams on two different post you can read here and here. However, for whatever reason, the idea never really took off. 

I didn't have people submitting ideas. I had people who told me they loved the idea but then no submissions came. I'll be honest, it was discouraging at first but it has also pushed me to reflect on this process. Here are some of my thoughts on why this has struggled.

1) I just didn't push it hard enough and in the right way. For whatever reason, it just didn't connect enough with people and they didn't push it out to their students.
2) My job change and relocation didn't help. I moved two hours east and I didn't have that group of people I could reach out to have them share this with their students yet. We have some amazing teachers and students in my new district. I just didn't have the relationships in place that I needed to help make the successful.
3) Not being in the classroom anymore. I love what I do now but I do miss my classroom full of students. I would have loved to have done this while still in the classroom.
4) People are busy and the school year can quickly get away from you. Especially the second semester.
5) Maybe it just wasn't a good idea. I'm not saying I agree with that but not every idea I come up with is a good one. 

Part of me wanted to just burry this idea, remove these post, take down the banner, and pretend this never happend. However, that would do all of us a disservice. 

Especially since, even though this hasn't come together liked I hoped, I do have some post to share with you. It won't be 12 days worth but we will get some post to you from students on how they'd like to see education. 

I am excited to share these ideas with you. I hope you will find them engaging, comment on them, and share them with others. Our students have a voice and it deserves to be heard. 

Look for the post to begin next Tuesday!