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Editor's Note: I am so excited to bring you our first post in our Student Edition of The 12 Days of Dreaming. As I talked about in my last post, this has not come together as I had hoped. I am completely okay with this for a couple of reasons. One, I love learning and I can find a great deal of learning when I struggle. Two, I still have some amazing post to share with you! I plan on spreading these out over time.
I hope you enjoy!

Our Dream for Education is Joy in learning.
What does joyful learning looks like to us? Having fun while learning. We think that crafts would be a great way for kids to have joy while learning because we get to really connect with learning through creative expression.  Making paintings would be a good way for kids to show what they’re learning through art.  Another good way to have fun while learning is sewing, not for just girls, but boys too.  We believe that art would be a good way for kids to connect to learning.
Another way to have joy in learning could be to have more fieldtrips.  Fieldtrips would be a good way for kids to interact with what they’re learning about. It would be better for kids to go to an art museum than for a teacher to make them write an essay about Picasso.  One good field trip destination could be a camp like Camp Tecumseh.  Camp Tecumseh is a summer camp, Girl Scout camp, and a history camp.  They teach you about the past while letting you interact and pretend that you are a pioneer. They let you bake Johnny Cakes, build log cabins, go fishing, visit a fur trappers cabin, and even spend the night in a cabin. We think you should experience what you’re learning firsthand.
We believe that games are a good way for students to learn because it triggers our minds to learn and we have better focus.  One way to do that would be to have a math game day.  It would help students by making the want to learn more about math so they could excel in the math games.  At our school, we have math at the end of the day, and we are tired.  Since we are tired, we have a short attention span, which does not enable us to learn as well.  Therefore, we should have a math game day, so we will want to pay attention even if we are tired.
Literature games are also a good idea.  They will help kids who have trouble understanding literature.  They will also have fun.  They will make kids want to learn more about literature.  It will also make kids want to read and write more.  A fun game option that will also trigger the mind is to design a game based on a book that you like.  It is a fun stretch of the brain and other people can play it.  Kids will be excited to work on this fun project.  It will help develop creativity.  And, best of all, kids will find joy in doing it.
One last fun suggestion is to have an educational/strategy game day.  It will stretch kid’s minds into thinking hard.  It will also give them the joy of picking their own game.  They can have freedom in their choices.  They will be able to have fun while they learn which our main goal in education is.
We think students should have free education time to do what they want, as long as it is educational.  One option is reading for fun.  We believe that reading for fun is an awesome way to expand vocabulary.  Another fun choice is free-write.  We like to write letters, books, or stories.  It helps the imagination grow and develop.  One last fantastic idea is to free-draw.  You could also draw up posters to raise awareness of events or important tests.
Our dream for education is to have joy in learning and interactive experiences.  We hope that you enjoyed our post.  Where do you find joy in learning?
This post was written by Sophie and Claire. Two students from Sara Hunter's class. Thank you Sophie and Claire for sharing your dreams with us! 

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  1. So many wonderful and diverse ideas Sophie and Claire! It's great to see that you included many different subjects and ways to learn. Very practical things too, like being tired for math at the end of the day. Hope some of your dreams come true!