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A few weeks ago I was on Facebook when the post below came across my screen from a former student of mine. With her permission, I now share it with you:

This was my reply to her: (It's not perfect but it was what came to mind in that moment.)
I agree with the majority of what you're saying. I also think a great number of classes we offer in high school should be optional. The only part I disagree with is that "nobody needs to know the height of an airplane from the ground" part of your post. 

While the vast majority of people will not need to know that, some people will need to know. However, those things should be taught to those people who are wanting to go into that field of work. 

Unfortunately a great deal of what teachers teach is out of their control. We teach what the state tells us to teach. It's unfortunate that the state doesn't listen to those of us who see the need for the changes you've mentioned. 
I then told her about the website for StuVoice and encouraged her to get involved beyond just a Facebook post.

Agree with me or my student or not, there is often a huge disconnect between what is taught in schools and what our students are interested in.

So here is my question for you, reader.

How do you tap into your students interest, either as an individual or as a school, while still teaching the mandated overstuffed curriculum that you are required to teach?

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  1. I wish more students would voice their opinions! As an algebra teacher, I will tell you that it is hard to find a topic that everyone in the class will always find interesting. I don't care how high the airplane is flying either, but my husband - the pilot - sure does! When doing projects, I provide the students with choice so that they can find a way to connect with the material, or at least express the curriculum in the way that works the best for them. If they want to create a Glog, a blog, a Prezi, a SpicyNode, or an old fashioned poster I let them. As long as I can see that they understand the curriculum, I encourage them to show off their talents and interests to the rest of the world however they see fit!