A Month of Learning

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One week into my new job and I am really enjoying myself. I know things won't always be perfect and I'm certainly still in the honeymoon phase. For the time being let me live in my fantasy world. In coming into a new town and a new position I decide the best thing I can do is make my first month here a month of learning. My focus so far has been on three things.

What do schools have?

What do they need/want? 

How can I help?

These three questions have given me some insight into the school that I've visited so far. It's been fun checking schools out, talking to principals, teachers, and students about learning. Each conversation I have had we've focused on learning over devices, teaching over technology, students over standards, and future over past. One principal looked at me and said, "Well you certainly have an ambitious agenda." I don't know any other kind of agenda to have.

It's an exciting time in our district and I'm glad to be a part of it. Follow along if you'd like on Twitter. I'm using #ClarkTechTour as I visit the schools in my districtWhat will I learn today?


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  3. Life is a non-stop learning process, you can think the you've master your craft only to know that there's much more to learn. I commend you for enjoying this process. Learning is about embracing the facts, finding out your mistakes and discover new things that will inspire you to strive more.