10 Ways to Tap into Student Dreams #12DOD #StuVoice #Choose2Matter

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I can not even begin to imagine the number of dreams I have had over my lifetime. There are those times that I awaken from sleep and the dream feels so real and I can recall every detail. Then there are the dreams that just fade away with the darkness as the sun rises. There are times when I dream all night but remember none of them.

That's the thing about dreams, if we don't capture them, then we run the risk of the losing them. That's exactly why I started The 12 Days of Dreaming. I wanted to tap into the dreams of my colleagues. Now, #StuVoice, Choose2Matter, and Education Dreamer are pushing forward #12DOD: Student Edition. Since it was launched on January 21, 2013 I have had numerous questions about what we're looking for and what age does a person have to be to submit an idea.

I wanted to write this post to set the record straight, this project is for any student, any age, any nationality. If a student wants to write it by him or herself or collaborate with others.

Actually, it doesn't even have to be a traditional blog post. During the first #12DOD @okmbio wrote an amazing poem that was one of my personal favorites.

Here are some ways we can tap into students' dreams.

  1. Traditional Blog Post - Preferably 400 - 600 words 
  2. Poem - There are few things more captivating than a well written poem. 
  3. Song - Lets just try to keep it shorter than a Dave Matthews Band live performance. :)
  4. Speech - I have this image in my head of a student giving his/her stump-speech for better schools.
  5. Press Conference - Make it look like a Presidential press conference about your dream school. 
  6. Drama - Get a group and act out your dream school.
  7. News Report - If you already go to your dream school, then tell us about it and why it's your dream school!
  8. In Plain English Video - Those fun videos like this one about Twitter. 
  9. Art - Want to paint a picture of your dream school? Why not? Submit it!
  10. Wild Card - There are 1000s of creative ways you can share your dream! Just don't keep your dream to yourself!
We all have dreams and hopes for the future of this world. They deserved to be heard and they deserved to be pursued! 

There's no wrong way to share your dreams! 

All ideas can be submitted by filling out this form: