12 Days of Dreaming Week 3 Recap #12DOD

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Well, all good things come to an end. This has been an amazing three weeks for me. I have enjoyed everyone's post. It is such an inspiration to see so many great educators from all over North America share their dreams with us! Thank you Kelley, Tim, William, Carolyn, Josh, Shira, Allison, Jeff, Jennifer, John, Cheryl, Andrew, Brian, and Shelley! All of your post touched my heart and inspired me! You can find this week's post and all of the post from the series here.

This week's post were a great way to finish our 12 Days of Dreaming. John started off by laying out some ideas about how we can better design the physical structure of our buildings. I've often thought I wish I could start off each year with an empty classroom, a budget, and my students. The first thing we would do design our classroom. Talk about a great way to kick off the year and think about the math they would learn.

Then Cheryl and Andrew shared their story about how they collaborate in such a unique way and team teach on opposite sides of the country. What I love about their post is it really shows how far teachers are willing to go to help provide great education for their students. I know they will continue to evolve and do even greater things. I'm excited about what the future holds for these two!

The 12 Days of Dreaming wouldn't be complete without a post from Brian Bennett. Brian pursues his dreams with all of his strength. His post comes from the voice of man who has pushed himself to be the best he can be. There isn't a more reflective educator out there than Brian. You can feel it as you read his words. Brian has felt the pain, struggles, failures, joys, and victories of a dreamer. His post reminds us that there is a price that comes when we pursue our dreams but it is a price worth paying.

I thought Shelley's post was the perfect way to end our series. This paragraph from her post really hits home with me.
I say learner-centred, rather than student-centred, because there’s much more to life than being a student.  There’s more to life than being academic. I’ve come to realize that being good at school really only means you’re good at school. I dream that education systems will begin to realize this.  Too many of our kids complete their education without having any idea what they love or what they’re really good at. Instead, too many need to recover from their experience.
As a parent and an educator I want my kids/students to love learning the way I do. I want every day to be about helping them find themselves. I want them to dream the way we have dreamed these last few weeks. I love how Shelley talks about how she would go about seeing her dreams come to pass. It's a fitting way to end the series by showing us that dreaming alone won't change anything. We must act on our dreams!

Then after the last post we had a #12DOD chat on Twitter. It was a great conversation. You can read the archives here!

Thank you so much for being a part of this series! I hope you have enjoyed this as much as I have! I hope to do this again in the future!

Dream on my friends!


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