12 Days of Dreaming: Week 1 Recap and Week 2 Preview #12DOD

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Wow! What an amazing week! I am so grateful for everyone who has read, commented, and shared out post this week! You truly are an amazing group of people! Now to the recap!

Week 1

I don't think we could have started off our week any different than The Betterness Manifesto from @ktenkely! Kelly reminds us, "It is only when each of us stand up and take responsibility that we can work toward a better educational future that impacts us all." Go back and read the last part of her post again. It makes me want to just high five everyone around me! One of the best parts of reading Kelly's post is the knowledge that she is actually living her dream! 

The next post from my amazing colleague Tim Wilhelmus! First of all, Tim is one of the greatest personal inspirations in my career. When I was a younger teacher his enthusiasm for learning and his love for education made me a better teacher. The opportunity to work with Tim was a big reason I applied to become an eLearning coach. Tim's suggestions that we should offer classes such as creativity, collaboration, and leadership are ones that we should be one pursue with reckless abandonment. I would love to hear about schools that offer these courses!

Our third post comes from the founder of #comments4kids and #chatchat. I absolutely loved William's post about having a school that was a combination of The Suite Life on Deck, The Magic School Bus, and Breaker High (Thank you Quinn for sharing this with us.). Who wouldn't want to go on a never ending field trip? I can't remember who tweeted it but somebody mentioned how schools have shied away from field trips because they think they take away from learning. However, these same people are fine with us losing countless days to standardized test. Thank you William for reminding us that authentic learning is something we should be driving education towards. Pun intended. 

I can not say enough about our fourth post from Carolyn! When she first sent me the post, it honestly caught me off guard. I thought my computer had messed up the font and the layout of the post. Then I realized that she had written a poem. And man, did she write a poem! Once I got my brain in gear and read Woven Into We, a huge grin crept across my face. Carolyn, thank you for telling your story through poetry. In doing so, you told my story and I'm sure many others!

Final Thoughts:

Throughout this first week a question has been running through my mind. How do we bring these ideas to others and make them a reality? So, that's my question for you. Please take some time in the comment section and tell us how you are sharing these post with others and how you are planning on bringing these ideas to your school! 

You can find all the archives to the 12 Days of Dreaming here.

Week 2 kicks off on Monday with a great post from Josh Stumpenhorst! Also, what do you think about the idea of having a #12DODchat on December 20? Please vote on the poll on the right.