Day 7: Dreaming about a Teacher Revival by @allieLholland #12DOD

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Good ol’ Fashion Teacher Revival

“You’re going into education? [long pause] Good luck...” 

This is the reaction many college students receive when talking with (sadly) current teachers. Have a conversation with almost any teacher right now and they would tell you to pick another career. Now more than ever teachers need to reconnect with why they got into education. 

It’s time for a good ol’ fashion revival, folks!

With assessments, teacher evaluations, standards, and deadlines, many teachers are quite overwhelmed. They feel because there are so many requirements, the other ‘stuff’ has to be pushed to the side. Well, that ‘stuff’ is what makes our job as teachers worthwhile! Moments that remind us why we teach are what we need to focus on; not the pile of papers we have to fill out or the other requirements that come bombarding our way. It’s very hard to see beyond all of this many times, but our students deserve our best, no matter what.

 I’d love to share one of my most memorable experiences as an educator. 

Emma and Mariah were very sweet girls who just happened to be two of the most stubborn students I’ve ever had in class. Both girls were taken out of the general classroom for various subjects and when they were in my room, it took everything I had to convince them writing a story or solving a math problem was important. Many days, we were only successful in completing an eighth of an assignment or writing down only one sentence. It was definitely a combination of many things and I worked my hardest to get through to these girls. At the end of the year, I knew they’d had enough of me and were ready to move on. I honestly thought it was a lost cause and I prayed that their third grade teacher would be able to reach them in a way I thought I couldn’t. 

Just this year, I stepped out of the conventional classroom and into another position at a different corporation. This was an extremely difficult decision. In the first few months of school, I was lucky enough to able to take a day and visit my class from last year. The reaction I received from my students completely melted me into a puddle. I wasn’t, however, expecting the same from Emma and Mariah. Well, I was completely wrong. The two girls I could barely get to write their name down on most days, the girls that would glare at me every time I assigned a project...wrote me the most beautiful letters and while they were reading them to me, broke down and couldn’t even finish. The three of us sat in the hallway and just cried our little hearts out.

This is why we teach. For moments when you thought you weren’t making a difference. For moments when you felt like you had nothing left to give then your students remind you just why you chose to become an educator. We have to remember these moments when the weight of the educational world is on our shoulders.  It’s time to celebrate the good things teachers are doing! It’s time to bring the fun back to our classrooms! Celebrate each other! Share what you are doing in your classroom! Share what your colleagues are doing in their classrooms!

And remember that you were called to be a teacher. You are making a difference even when you think no one is listening. 

My name is Allison Holland and I am currently an eLearning Coach for Plymouth Community School Corporation. This is my fifth year in education having taught second grade for John Glenn School Corporation for four years. I am extremely passionate about changing the mindset of teachers and do my best to bring enthusiasm back to education. You can find my blog at


  1. Hi Allison. I just wanted to say that I enjoyed the post. You're right to remind us all about what is important and empowering about our chose profession. You get the tent, and I'll show up and holler:)

  2. Allison and Tim,
    I'll come to the revival too! Thanks for sharing your story about Mariah and Emma. Sweet!

    Keep dreaming,

  3. Hey Allison,

    Sorry I haven't had a chance to comment soon. I really enjoyed this post! Thank you for sharing your dream and personal story with us! Thank you for reminding us that even though there are a lot of things fighting for our attention, nothing should distract us from the needs of our students!

    Dream on!