Day 5: Dreaming About Education by @stumpteacher #12DOD

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As Dr. Martin Luther stated so many years ago…

“I say to you today, my friends, so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream.”

I have a dream that one day all kids will have access to technology in their homes and in their schools.
I have a dream that teachers are given freedom to determine what works best for their students.

I have a dream that students come to school and learn what they want and when they want.

I have a dream where student’s passion for learning is not squashed by a curriculum.

I have a dream where textbooks are a thing of the past and students have access to constantly changing and evolving information.

I have a dream that that one day parents and teachers and students all work together for the goal of student learning.

I have a dream that students from all walks of life and from every corner of the planet will be able to use technology to connect and collaborate.

I have a dream that a student will be as engaged in school as they are at home.

I have a dream when standardized tests are a thing of the past.

I have a dream that a student never feels isolated and the need to resort to school violence as an outlet.

I have a dream where grades don’t exist and students are not judged against one another but judged on their own growth.

I have a dream that teachers are viewed as the revered professionals they truly are.

I have a dream that students are judged by more than a symbolic letter on a piece of paper.

I have a dream where politicians listen to teachers and heed our advice on education policy.

This is my hope… the day when we will stand together as parents, teachers, and students and know that learning will one day be free. It will be free of curriculum, free of standardized testing, free of grading, free of unhealthy competition, free of financial restraints, free of textbooks, and free to be whatever the learners need and when they need it.

This is my dream.

Josh Stumpenhorst (@stumpteacher) is a 6th grade Language Arts and Social Science teacher at Lincoln Junior High School in Naperville, IL. In addition to teaching, he is an athletic director, team leader, computer club adviser, track coach, basketball coach, and serves on numerous curriculum and technology committees at the school and district level. His work has been recognized by the International Society of Technology Educators as they named Josh a member of their “Emerging Leaders Class of 2011”. Josh has also been recognized as the Illinois Computer Educators, “Educator of the Year” for 2012 and he is the 2012 Illinois Teacher of the Year. He is an active blogger at Stump the Teacher and his work there has received recognition through numerous EduBlog Awards nominations. 


  1. "a dream where student’s passion for learning is not squashed by a curriculum." Yes! Where learning isn't defined for students, but by students. I enjoyed the post, Josh!

  2. So many items here that I agree with as an educator and a mom, Josh. Wondering if I could do better as a mom to share out the engaged learning that happens in my home. Recently our basement has been transformed into 'Hogwarts' where my kids and their cousins created a class to teach one another. My son and his friends also took sidewalk chalk to the unfinished basement floor a different day to draw bases for thier Star Wars ships as they mapped out what my son calls a figure battle. How do we share what happens unprompted in our homes with a larger community to demonstrate what can happen? I know as an educator, I've considered and reconsidered a lot from observing this in my own home coupled with my conversations with educator/parents like you.

  3. Thanks for shouting it from every mountainside, Josh. Let freedom ring -- the freedom to learn!

    Keep dreaming,

  4. Josh,

    Thank you for sharing your dream with us! I could hear the "amens" as I read the post! You touch on so many points that so many of us are pursuing on a daily basis. I think the key to this can be found in the line "the day when we will stand together as parents, teachers, and students". We must unite in order to see these things come to past!

    Thank you for being a voice of hope and inspiration!

    Dream on!


  5. This was just impressive write up! sharing with the world.