Why The Internet Was Invented

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As we approach the end of the first semester it can be easy to see the level of frustration rising. It doesn't matter if you're a student, teacher, administrator, or parent. This is just that time of year where people begin to give into the stresses and difficulties of life. You can see it in what people are tweeting about, hear in the hallways and lounges, and see it on people's faces. It can be so easy to just fire off a frustrating tweet, say something out of anger in the hallway, or give somebody a nasty look.

However, I would like to encourage everyone, myself included, to remember why the internet was invented.

Dragon Baby

Math Class: Kid Snippets 

What I'm saying is pretty simple. I know life is hard and being an educator is frustrating. There are times when we have to let off some steam. Lets just be sure to take advantage of this great gift called the internet and spread some smiles and laughs.

Here is your challenge: Find something funny and/or uplifting and share it with a colleague who is needing a laugh. But before you share it with your friend, share it with us in the comment section! 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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