Thursday #smackdown: Teachem

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This week's #smackdown is Teachem. Teachem allows you to embed a YouTube video on their site, then you can add questions and flashcards to the side that will highlight at certain times in the video. Once a video has been set up by the teacher, then he or she can share out the link with his or her students. If students have created an account, then they can leave questions, comments, and answers in the space next to the video. You can hear me talk about Teachem on Flipped Learning Podcast #19: Why Flipping is Student Centered.

What I like:

Any teacher who shares videos with his or her students always wants to find ways to makes to make the video more interactive. Teachem allows teachers to at least at some "pop up video" features to the videos. I tried it on my Macbook, a Netbook, an iPad, and even my iPhone (with the iphone you have to pause the video to see the flashcard).


Here is a demo I made of Teachem.

How I've seen it used:

The amazing Andy Schwen created a Teachem lesson and said I could share it with you. You can find his geometry proof here.

What I would like to see:
I would like to see some more options for flashcards on the side.  How about adding a "student question section". Students can ask questions and if another student has the same question they can "like" it. This would give the teacher an idea what questions students had after watching the video. 

What are your thoughts on Teachem? How would you use it? What are other ways we can make videos we use in our classroom more interactive? The comment section awaits!

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