Thursday #Smackdown: Livebinders

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This week's #smackdown is Livebinders.  Livebinders is a digital 3-ring binder. You can add websites, videos, documents, and more. Then once you have made one it is easy to share it out through email, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, or even embed it into your website. You can hear me talk about Livebinders on the Flipped Learning Podcast here.

What I like:

There are a lot of things I like about it. It's a great way to organize information. If you are a classroom teacher and want to put together a binder for a unit. If you providing professional development and want to have a resource for your teachers. It's even great for students to use for a project.

They have put together a variety of buttons that allow you to put information into a livebinder easily. They also have an iPad app, a Chrome app, and are featured on the Teachercast app. I also recommend you follow Tina and Barbara (@Livebinders) on Twitter. They share out great Livebinders and will share out yours.


They also have a great set of tutorials that you can find here.

How I've seen it used:

In my role as a technology coach I have mainly used it to share resources with other teachers. You can check out my Tools for Flipping the Classroom and Tools for Building your PLN that I made with the great Tim Wilhelmus. I recommend you also check out Tim's other Livebinders.

What I would like to see:

Livebinders is a great tool but I think it would be cool if I could upload my livebinder into a Google presentation, or something similar, for presentation purposes. I know the links are live when you are showing off your livebinder to a group but maybe it would just take a screenshot of each tab/subtab and use those for the slides.

Do you use livebinders? If so, please share your livebinders in the comment section. 

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  1. I saw a great use for livebinders at a presentation by Karen Ault at the Indiana Library Federation. Health students created livebinders (Barbara and Tina show step by step how to create multiple gmail addresses for kids to help students make livebinders--without them really using email--they take current events, put them in one pane, and annotate in the side-by-side text pane. They have a unique code for each class period, and the teacher can retrieve everything paperlessly.