Thursday #Smackdown: Ask 3

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Notice: Due to the holidays there will be no #smackdown next week. Happy holidays everyone!

This week's #Smackdown is Ask 3. Ask 3 is an iPad App from TechSmith.  TechSmith is the company that has brought you Jing, Snagit, Camtasia, and Screen Chomp. This new app from them is derived from the teacher phrase, "Ask three and then me". Teachers create a classroom for students to join. Teachers can create videos on the iPad for students to view and comment on. Students can join a class, create videos as well, and comment on videos. You can hear my review and more about Ask3 on episode #21 of the Flipped Learning Podcast.

What I like about Ask3:

I think there is a lot of potential in this app. As far as iPad apps go, this one can give teachers and students has "all-in-one" potential. I think it would be great in a 1:1 setting with iPads or as a great option if you know a student has an iPad. One of the best parts about integrating technology into a classroom is using it to leverage learning. While not everyone will benefit from this app, there are certainly situations and students that will find it useful.

I like the ability for both teachers and students to make videos. I like the ability to leave and respond to comments. It's both quick and easy to make and comment on videos.

Demo: Here is a demo from TechSmith

What I would like to see:

I know that Ask3 is just in it's fist addition and I'm sure there are several suggestions I would have for my friends at TechSmith.  As of right now you can only import one picture per screencast. I would like to be able to have several pages to flip through as I made my videos like a few other iPad apps. I think it would be cool if students and teachers could watch videos "together" like the Together Learn App. Also it will be great when it's available on other operating systems.

What's cool is I know TechSmith will listen and will make Ask3 an even better app. Just like the people who made Teachem listened to us! Check this out:
So what do you think about Ask3? How would you use it in your classroom? What would you like to see in the next update?

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  1. Brett,

    thanks for the write-up! Would love to learn more about the "watch videos 'together'" idea. How and when would that be useful!

    Troy Stein
    Ask3 team

    1. Hey Troy,

      I picture students at home deciding they wanted to watch a video with their classmates. It would be like a facetime with the video. The video from the teacher or the student would be playing and the students could see each other in a "picture in a picture". Either student could control the video and they could talk to each other while watching it. Does that make sense? We can skype if you want.