An Education Dreamer Project #12DOD

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Hey everyone! The team at Education Dreamer (aka me) is launching it's first ever project. We're calling it "The 12 Days of Dreaming".  We are looking for 12 guest bloggers to share your biggest dreams about what education can be.

Education Dreamer will post a new post on Monday through Thursday the first three weeks of December beginning December 3rd.

Each post needs to be an original piece around 400-600 words with a brief bio at the end. They can be about any dream for education you have. Some suggested topics are school climate, learning spaces, assessments, homework, relationships, professional development, connected educators, textbooks, and innovative learning models, just to name a few. Once your blog has been posted you are welcome to share it on your own site 24 hours later.

If you are interested in writing a guest post for this project, please fill out the form below!

Here is the timeline for the project!

November 6: Launch Project!
November 16: Deadline to fill out form to join project. 
November 20: Notify participants if their proposal was accepted.
December 3: 12 Days of Dreaming begins!

I hope you all are excited about this project as I am. If you have any questions please contact me.

Let's dream together!

Henry David Thoreau

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