Thursday #smackdown: InfuseLearning

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Hey everyone! So I'm trying out a new weekly feature on Education Dreamer. I am going to do a weekly feature on a tech tool. As an eLearning coach I get to have the time to explore lots of new tools in education. So I thought I would share a tool each week. My good friend Troy Cockrum does a weekly podcast for the Flipped Learning Network and he has asked me to do a weekly "tech tool" spot on the show. I also work with an amazing group of coaches in my district. As part of our weekly meeting we have a time for tech "smackdowns" where we share out something cool we came across the previous week.  Anyway, I'm looking forward to sharing these tools with you and I hope you like the new weekly feature. I promise this will be the only time I have a lengthy introduction.

This week's #smackdown is a tool called InfurseLearning. InfuseLearning tools any mobile device into a student response system. You can hear me talk about InfuseLearning on Flipped Learning Podcast #18: Quinn Barreth Flipping Without Video.

What I like:
It's a great tool if a school is doing BYOD because it works on any platform. In my district we are 1:1 but a lot times our students' devices are in the shop for a lot of reasons. This allows my teachers to use our 1:1 device and give the students with devices in the shop an iPad and never miss a beat. It's very easy to use and can be set up in a matter of minutes and can be used on the fly. However, if you want to put in your class rosters and make it more structured, it does that too.

I also like the variety of questions you can ask. You can do open response, multiple choice, sort/order, ranking, and even draw response.

Here is a quick youtube video I made for my teachers. You can also find this video on my YouTube channel.

How I've used it and seen it used:
I've used it in PD sessions to get audience feedback and I've been in teachers classrooms when they've used it to collect formative assessment data.

What I'd like to see:
I think it'd be cool if I could relinquish control to a student. I just think it'd be neat if a student had a question and could ask it to the class and then have a record of the data from his or her peers' thoughts and ideas.

Alright, that's my first #smackdown. I plan on doing one every Thursday. Let's see how long I can do this before I get bored and move on. I'm the guy who has changed positions every three years. So we'll see how long I can keep this up. Place your bets now. :)

So what do you think? Would you use InfuseLearning in your classroom? Why or why not? If so, how would you use it? What other tools are our there like this one? Finally, do you like the new weekly feature idea? The comment section awaits!


  1. I've demo'd Infused Learning with my freshmen English students. I like all of the capabilities with it-- diagramming, language support for ESL students, etc. It has some nice bells and whistles that Socrative & Naiku don't have for delivery of questions. I do need to play with it more for using it on a daily basis in the classroom. Infused Learning is another tool for my classroom toolbox. My school is NOT 1:1 but we are allowing BYOD for the first time this school year. Here's a link to my blog:

  2. I love the format of these posts, Pal.

    Your subtitles are perfect -- they make the information that I want to find easy to scan for and they add enough content that I feel like I know enough about the tool to make a decision on whether it would be useful for me.

    I also like the embedded tutorial even though I didn't watch it. It gives me the option of exploring more if a tool really catches my eye.

    Most of all, I liked the length of the post. It wasn't intimidating at all. I read the whole thing!


  3. Awesome! I'm planning on using this with my 8th graders this week. I'll be looking forward to next Thursday's tool!

    Thanks for sharing!