The Road Ahead

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It's hard to believe that this year is coming to a close.  As I'm writing the blog I have 9 days left in the year.  This has been an amazing school year with its usual highs and lows.  Although, the highs this year have been a lot higher and the lows have been few and far between.  After spending 9 years in the classroom, I took on the role of an elearning coach in my school district.

As I look forward to the summer, I am excited about the opportunities I have to share the work I do with others.  I will be speaking at The Flipped Classroom Conference in Chicago in June.  The conference is full but you can still attend virtually.  Then in July I will be speaking at The EVSC eRevolution.  This is a free elearning conference with a tremendous schedule.  Both conferences are going to be exciting and I can't wait to meet so many people I've only talked to through twitter!

Even though the two conferences and a family of five certainly gives me plenty to do this summer, I would love to add more to my schedule.  If you are looking for somebody to speak, in person or virtually, on technology integration, building a PLN, twitter, professional development, leadership in a 1:1 environment, or the flipped classroom, please feel free to contact me.

Summer Schedule
June 18-20 The Flipped Conference
July 11&12 EVSC eRevolution 

As the year to comes to a close don't forget to take time to reflect on this past year's greatest moments of success and it's greatest learning experiences.  For me, one of the greatest moments of success was delivering professional development on the flipped classroom and the student centered classroom.  It is fun to discuss the work we do and to help push each other to be better educators.  

The greatest learning experience I have had this year has been the struggle to make sure it is about the learning and not about the tools.  I think it is very easy to get caught up in the latest cool tool and to try to find a way to make it fit what we teach.  I am thankful I have some amazing people in my life who have helped me to learn to always look at the goal before looking at the tools.

The Road Ahead
There are many changes, as always, in store.  Next year the team I'm a part of has been reduced due to budget cuts.  Instead of helping one school I will be working with several.  Although I was deeply saddened to see our team reduced, I am looking forward to this challenge and the opportunity to work with more teachers.  Next year I hope to continue to encourage teachers to make sure every choice we make in our classrooms are centered around our students' needs.  I will continue to improve my ability to deliver professional development by flipping my PD. I want to make sure to tell as many people as I can #YouMatter.

Let's continue this conversation in the comments.  What was your greatest moment of success this year? What was your greatest learning moment this year? What are you looking forward to being a part of next year?


  1. My greatest moment of success and learning has come from realizing the power and the beauty of handing the control of learning over the students. I have always been someone who loves to have everything under control and to be in charge, making sure everything goes exactly as planned. I have learned that learning is messy and doesn't look the same for every student...and that every student really can succeed if given the time, the tools, and the support.
    Looking back, I could never have imagined my teaching how it is now with the flipped classroom, it has completely transformed into something so much better, so much more engaging and interactive, and (in my opinion) so much more fun because there is so much going on and so much learning happening. The conversations I have been able to have with my students on a daily basis have been priceless.

    Next year I can't wait to continue to explore aspects of the flipped classroom and refine the way it works in my class. I am looking forward to connecting with more teachers and sharing ideas. I am looking forward to having other teachers at my school embrace the flipped classroom concept and come on board so we can learn together.


    1. Crystal,

      Thank you for taking the time to comment on the post! I have enjoyed following your blog this year and seeing the great work you and your students are doing together! It is so much fun when the students are the ones driving the learning in the class! Keep up the great work! I'm blessed to have you as a part of my PLN!

  2. Sorry to hear about cuts, but happy to know you'll be helping at various schools. See you at #erev12!