Why I Love My PLN

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I love learning knew things and pushing myself to try something new.  This week I decided to dive into the world of creating photo prompts.  I was inspired by my friend John Spencer.  He has a fantastic tumblr of photo prompts that you can find here.  He also pointed me to Luke Neff who has an amazing page of photo prompts you can find here.

This is why I love my PLN.  It's people like John that push me to learn and to step out of my comfort zone.  This experience also allowed me to tap into my past because there was a time in my life when I thought I was going to be an English teacher.  I even job-shadowed a high school english teacher when I was in seventh grade.

A PLN is great for finding resources, words of encouragement, friendships, and it pushes you to be more. Google might be where I go when I need to find a fact, but when I need more than that, I turn to my PLN.

Speaking of Google, here is my first attempt at being an undercover math teacher.

If I ever go back to the classroom, I will certainly use photo prompts.  Thank you John for helping me improve as an educator!


  1. Great Post. I am just starting out on building my PLN and have not even started to understand what potential it has. I know it will have a major impact on my own teaching. I, like you will be very appreciative of the support others give.

    1. Claudine- thank you for your comment and welcome to my PLN! It is so great to work with people who will push (or pull if necessary) you to be better. It's also a great feeling when you help others improve. Having a thriving PLN helps you to see the value in the work you do and gives you a place to help others see their value. Again, thank you for taking the time to comment!

      You matter!