Flipped High School Visit

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This week I am going to be visiting the flipped high school in Detroit, MI.  If you are unfamiliar with this school, let me point you to a couple of things instead of me telling you about it.

I have watched the above video probably close to 30 times and it never gets old.  Now, like my friend, Brian Bennett, I don't think the flipped high school is a silver bullet but it is an ideology worth exploring and using if it works for your students and you.  You can also find information about Greg Green and his school in this recent interview with CNN and in this article where Greg answers your questions about the flipped high school.

*UPDATE* Thank you to those who responded.  Here is my blog about the visit: http://bit.ly/zgo4lT

Now is your chance to ask Greg Green, the teachers, and the students of the flipped high school!  Please fill out the form below and I will ask your questions when I visit the school this week and then blog about it later.  Thanks for checking out my blog and I hope you take a couple of minutes to fill out the form below.

Flipped High School Visit http://bit.ly/vZo0u8


  1. I too cant' stop watching the above vid. Thanks Brett!

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