Irony at its best...

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Just had to blog some quick thoughts this morning about the irony of my masters program. I'm just a couple of months away from earning my degree in Professional Development. I've taken classes over differentiated instruction, formative/summative assessment, backward design, and designing, evaluating, and implementing professional development. Those are just a few topics I've learned about. In each one of those classes, we've talked about student choice in regards to how the information is taught and how it is assessed. Everything I know to be true and everything my masters classes as reinforced tells me that students need to be taught in a variety of ways and should be assessed a variety of ways. Yet, here I am this weekend, writing, approximately, my 65th paper since I began my journey. I just found it very ironic to write about all these topics and write about how students need choice and write about how adults need options and write about and write about and write about...

Had a discussion with a colleague yesterday about this and the concluding statement was, when are colleges going to realize they need to begin looking at their instructional and assessment strategies?

I could text more, I'm posting this from my iPhone, but I have a meeting to go to where I am going to learn about some of the great things people in my district have been doing action research on over the last two years. The best part is, I can enjoy my learning and express my learning in my own way. I don't even have to write a paper about it...I hope.


  1. This is great, Brett. Its a discussion that has been picking up steam among secondary teachers and one that I hope is beginning to trickle its way into the higher ed courses, not only in discussion, but in practice.

    Be the change you want to see.

  2. You might ask the prof's who are preaching change if you can submit in a different form. Be proactive, as Brian says.