My First Blog - I know...real original.

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This is my first attempt at blogging.  I'm not sure what took me so long, but here I go.  I figured I would start by sharing a little bit about myself and what I envision this blog becoming.  Once again, not very original, but it's a start.

I am a school teacher in Evansville, IN.  Well, at least for a few more months I will be.  Next year, I will be an elearning coach.  In my new role, I will be working with teachers on integrating technology into their classroom in a way that maximizes student achievement.  

Here are a list of topics that I am very passionate about and will be sharing on my blog:
1)  Assessment - In my opinion, assessment is the most misused tool teachers use on a daily basis.  Done correctly, assessment can paint a clear picture of what a student knows and what they need next.  Too many assessments are done for the purpose of assigning a grade and nothing more.  However, assessments hold the key to unlocking the potential students possess.  Which takes me to my next topic.

2) Grades - Nobody says it better than Ken O'Conner, "Grading as it has been done traditionally promotes a culture of point accumulation, not learning.  It encourages competition rather than collaboration. It often focuses on activities instead of results."  We have to fix the way we assign grades in our nation!

3) Technology - Everyone knows and understands that technology is changing at an alarming rate.  I am blessed to work in a corporation that is dedicated to putting technology tools into the hands of teachers.  

There are many more topics that I will tackle on this blog, but those are the three that I am most passionate about.  

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  1. Good Luck on your Blog! You've inspired me to re-visit my first edtech love!

  2. Looking forward to your "Second Blog" and subsequent posts! Getting started is no small thing!